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You control contingent assets of unknown value. Perhaps you aren't even aware these assets exist. Perhaps your fund is closing and you need to liquidate promptly, or perhaps you would prefer to monetize these contingent assets sooner rather than much later. Perhaps you’re curious what these assets are worth.

Wouldn't it be nice to be paid today for contingent assets of unknown value, or better, to be paid for contingent assets you didn't even know you had?

That's what Jackson Financial Group (Jackson) does - Jackson values and buys unusual contingent assets.



Jackson's specialty is pricing class action claims. Through its affiliate, Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC), Jackson has compiled the world's most extensive database of class action distributions. We calculate recognized loss for every possible securities class action settlement. Additionally, Jackson projects pro rata distribution for every calculable class action settlement via our proprietary pricing model. We then bid for your class action claims, paying you fairly now for settlements that will take years to realize.

In addition, Jackson values contingent assets that are difficult to liquidate. If you've got contingent assets, Jackson will bid for them - and bid promptly.



Jackson can structure bids that suit your needs. Jackson will assume all the risk and can pay holistically upfront. Or Jackson can structure payments over time. You decide.

Moreover, if you think it is your responsibility as a fiduciary to value assets in your NAV, Jackson can step in as a valuation consultant as well.

You have nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain by contacting Jackson. So contact us today. We will explain just how simple our process is.

Our clients run the gamut, including Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices, Broker/Dealers, Bank Trusts, Endowments / Foundations, Wealth Management Departments.